Meet Jennifer

microsoft_asg-574 (2)Hi there, I’m Jennifer Bost.

I believe that the best words work wonders.

They tell stories, show you a fresh perspective, make you think.

And sometimes, they make your day.

As a writer and creative strategist in the Microsoft Design System Studio, I spend my days obsessing over words.

Because like design, voice is undergoing a renaissance across the company. New philosophies, guidance, and style. All for the good of our customers, we hope.

Because great writing is about connecting with other human beings. On a human level. No. More. Robot. Speak.

At least that’s what I’m interested in.

On the podcast, we’ll interview writers across the company — giving you an opportunity to meet the people behind the big brand name. And learn how they put Microsoft brand voice principles into practice every day.

Find out more about me at