E09 Anna Bertrand: Customer support with a smile (interview)

A company lives and dies by its customer service. Today on the pod, we talk with Anna Bertrand about what her team does to ensure that Microsoft support is constantly improving.  

Tune in to learn

  • Microsoft’s shift of focus toward the customer experience side of support
  • Anna’s top 3 email writing tips
  • What it takes to train a diverse team of support agents
  • And more…

Listen to the show

Stuff we mentioned during the interview

About Anna

Anna is a Senior Support Experience Design Manager within the Customer Service and Support team. About a year ago, she was assigned to a team within CSS, tasked with improving the customer support experience at Microsoft. Work they’ve achieved in part by changing the way they talk.

Prior to updating Microsoft’s customer support experience, Anna led brand and marketing teams for the likes of Seattle Times, Getty Images, and RealNetworks.

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