E08 Jennifer Warnick: The birth of corporate storytelling (interview)

In this episode, we talk to Jennifer Warnick about her editorial work for Microsoft Stories and IT Showcase. Jennifer’s been telling stories about the people and technology at the heart of Microsoft for nearly a decade. A former journalist, her colorful, human-focused news and features helped usher in a new era of corporate storytelling at Microsoft.

Tune in to learn

  • What she calls the “magical moment” of her career
  • The importance of journalism by immersion
  • How creativity is more like a pair of workpants than a lightning strike
  • This may be the tech industry, but people still want metaphors
  • And more…

Listen to the show


Stuff we mentioned during the show

The Rat City Rollergirls

New York Times article Snowfall: Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

Microsoft Story Labs

88 Acres: How Microsoft Quietly Built the City of the Future 

Microsoft IT Showcase

Lessons from chucking noodles with the Microsoft Stories team

About Jennifer Warnick

Jennifer is a follower of the content creator’s Golden Rule: “Content unto others as you would have them content unto you”. A rule applied by her team as they crafted the stories of Microsoft Stories, now called Microsoft Story Labs, where she worked as lead writer for nearly four years. She’s currently working as a senior content and creative strategist for Microsoft Core Engineering Services and sharing her passion for storytelling through coaching, speaking, and workshops.

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Jenn & Amy

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