E07 Catherine Minden: Revamping the Microsoft Writing Style Guide (interview)

The Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications needed an overhaul. So, we called in the one-person who could get the job done—Catherine Minden. In this episode, we talk to Catherine, owner of Minden Editorial Services, about her editorial work revamping (and rebranding) the Microsoft Writing Style Guide.

 Tune in to learn

  • What a style guide is: its purpose, and what you can do with it
  • Why we refreshed and rebranded ours
  • What’s changed
  • How to keep tabs on what’s new
  • And how to start and manage a style guide of your own

Listen to the show

Stuff we mentioned during the interview

German stollen

The Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications (4th Edition)

Microsoft Writing Style Guide (*New)

About Catherine

Catherine Minden has been an editor for nearly thirty years. In that time, she has edited academic journals, textbooks, fiction, nonfiction, websites, marketing materials, and even legal codes.

In 1995, Catherine cowrote The Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications, which received an Excellence Award from the Society for Technical Communication, and in 2007, she was asked to join the Microsoft Editorial Board, where she worked on the fourth edition of the manual, published in 2012, which received an Award of Distinguished Technical Communication at the STC International Summit Awards. In 2016, Catherine worked on the latest edition of the manual, renamed the Microsoft Writing Style Guide, a major effort to make Microsoft writing style clear, human, straightforward, and helpful. Currently, she works as the Microsoft Editorial Board facilitator.

She also served as an adviser on Verona: The Story of the Everett Massacre (2017), a documentary about one of the most violent labor confrontations in US history, and is working on a multimedia project that uses archival images, original research, court transcripts, and interviews to analyze the roots and realities of that conflict. Catherine is also a professional beekeeper and runs an apiary and lavender farm with her spouse.

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