E06 Jonathan Foster: Characterizing Cortana’s AI personality (interview)

Ever wondered who writes what Cortana says? Today on the pod, we talk to Jonathan Foster, Principal Content Experiences Manager, whose team writes everything Cortana says.

Tune in to learn

  • His favorite fictionalized AI character of all time
  • About how the Cortana editorial team grew
  • Why they decided to give Cortana a personality, and how
  • What the funniest question Cortana’s been asked and how they answered it
  • And more…

Listen to the show

Stuff we mentioned during the interview

War Games (1983 movie)

John Wood, voice actor for Joshua AI 

William Daniels, voice actor for K.I.T.T AI voice actor (from Knightrider TV show)

Max Headroom’s Coca Cola commercial

About Jonathan

Whose career spans film, television, fine-wines, and now nine years of crafting words for Microsoft. He’s even made time to self-publish a novel. All of which led him to master the helm of Microsoft Cortana’s editorial team.

Jonathan brings a background of storytelling and marketing to the Content Experience team, and today we’re going to find out what it takes to create–and nourish–an AI personality within a tech giant.

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