E05 David Betz: Writing about Microsoft Design (interview)

David Betz, Senior Writer on the Windows Content Experiences team, talks to us about his editorial work for Microsoft Design’s Medium publications.

Tune in to learn

  • What his spirit animal is
  • About his switch from graphic design to storytelling
  • How and why the Microsoft Design Medium publication started
  • What writing advice he offers people who don’t consider themselves writers
  • What his favorite Medium.com stories are
  • And more…

Listen to the show

Stuff we mentioned during the interview

Seattle Supersonics Dunking Sasquatch

If you want to be creative, don’t be data-driven, by Bill Pardi

David’s Steve Kaneko interview 

My 100x idea, by Hui Liu

About David

David Betz has more than two decades of experience creating products and experiences that build brands and grow communities. Whether he’s applying editorial, branding, marketing communications, or design thinking, he’s always an advocate for audiences and a champion of innovation.

David is currently in content experience (CX) at Microsoft, working across disciplines to create stories that help define vision, grow community, and articulate culture. Editing Microsoft Design’s Medium Publication is a fun part of that.

Prior to Microsoft, he served as VP of Storytelling with UP Global, where our focus was on building startup communities. His previous 12 years were spent on the agency side as Global Creative Director for the award winning Lexus magazine program and Creative Director at Story Worldwide.

In addition to leading creative teams, David has functioned as a writer, speaker, group facilitator, and teacher. He’s a Startup Weekend facilitator. And he’s also taught graphic design at Kent State University, California College of the Arts, and served as co-president of the AIGA Seattle Chapter.

His work has been published nationally and internationally, in Graphis, Communication Arts, the Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, AIGA 50 books/50 Covers, and several other publications.

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