E04 Laura Reilly: Crafting Microsoft Office ad campaigns (interview)

Laura Reilly, Senior Writer on the Microsoft Office Brand Experiences Team, about puts people back at the heart of productivity.

Tune in to learn

  • What it’s like to work inside the Office Brand Creative Studio
  • How Little Caesar’s changed Laura’s life
  • Why she wanted to become a copywriter
  • What her favorite Microsoft Office campaign is
  • Her best writing advice
  • And much, much more…

Listen to the show

Stuff mentioned during the interview

The Shining (movie) ax scene

Little Caesar’s origami ad campaign

Volkswagen lemon ad


Ad Age

About Laura

Laura Reilly’s career started in journalism, chasing that illusive scoop before the printing press could churn out the morning edition. But then destiny jumped in in the form of a Little Caesar’s commercial that yanked her career train onto a different track in 30 breathless seconds.

Then, those 30 seconds transformed into a 15-year agency and in-house advertising career, for brands spanning Geek Squad and AMEX to Windows and Office.

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