E03 Jennifer Bost & Amy King: Get to know your hosts

Jenn and Amy interview each other on this episode of the pod. Tune in to discover how long they’ve been writers, how their careers started, and what they’re working on these days…and some other nonsensical (but very important) stuff.

Listen to the show

Stuff we mentioned during the interview

Mark Twain’s obsession with billiards tables

E.B. White writing in his boathouse

Amy’s greenhouse/writing studio inspo Pinterest board

U.S. Forest Service wildland firefirghting

Tate Museum’s 500 Stories long copy ad campaign

About Jenn

Jennifer “Jenn” Bost is a seasoned writer with fifteen years experience crafting content for software and technology companies. Her salty hard-shell masks the mushy softness she carries in her heart for all writers and artists.

She started this podcast to share their stories with the world. Because she’s met a lot of great people at Microsoft, and their insightful writing (and life) advice is just too good to hoard.

About Amy

Amy King once Googled her name and discovered that there was a popular poet stealing all her Google glories.

Since then, this Amy King, whose only poems are parodies of ancient hymns and pun-filled limericks, has spent her days cutting her writing teeth on software interfaces and partially-written short stories.

Amy’s obsessed with humans and what motivates their behaviors. All while effortlessly ignoring her own. But it’s this obsession that inspires and informs her work as a UX Writer inside the Office 365 Design studio at Microsoft. And what leads her down the path of empathetic copywriting that–she hopes–speaks to users on a personal level.

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Thanks for listening,

Jenn & Amy

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